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John “Clay” Clayborn

Clay has been fascinated with the ocean and the beach since he was a child. There was only one problem; he was born and raised in the Midwest spending much of his youth on the rough south side of Chicago. His friends teased him growing up because they were selling drugs and playing basketball while he was skateboarding, studying surf videos and watching beach movies. He finally got to the ocean when he started spending his summers in California with family. His original fascination turned into deep love and respect for the power of the ocean & the beauty of its coasts.

Chloe Clayborn

Chloe, on the other hand, never had to wonder what the ocean looked like or hope that she would one day get to play in the sand of a real beach because she was born in the Philippines islands, home of some of the best beaches on earth. She grew up climbing exotic tropical trees, jumping off piers into the Philippine Sea & beach hopping with her family around the island of Mindanao. At the age of 9, Chloe and her sister moved to Chicago to live with their father.

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Boy Meets Girl

Fast forward about 20 years... Clay was introduced to the art of jewelry design by a friend and it didn't take long before he quit his jobs and began designing full time. Later he met Chloe, they fell in love, they got married in less than five months and they gave birth to a beautiful baby jewelry company named Clay & Chloe. Now they're basically attached at the hip, spending everyday together creating unique pieces. Even though they feel Chicago is one of the worlds great cities; they're love of the ocean & the laid back beach lifestyle made it easy for them to pack up the business and the rest of their things and move from the cold "Chi Town" winters to the warm sunny island of Puerto Rico. So they went from longing to be near what they grew to love as kids in California and the Philippines to living the "salt life" on a small island in the Caribbean!


Their Work

Each Clay & Chloe piece is a reflection of their appreciation for their tropical surroundings. They feel that there is no other place that can evoke all the senses the way the beach can! Hearing the soaring sound of massive crashing breaks, the gentle sound of mild waves rolling onto shore and the palm branches blowing in the wind. The smell of salt water and the life in the sea. The feeling of sand between your toes, the wind caressing your skin and the feeling that only comes from fully submerging your entire body into a part of creation that constantly flows & moves all around you & can even carry you on its currents with tingling cool and soothing warm temperatures. The way the ocean appeals to the sense of sight can be seen in all Clay & Chloe designs. They let the natural flow of the waves and the arched curves of the barrels influence their free flowing wave-like designs. 

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COLORS by Clay & Chloe { }

Their COLORS collection revolves around a key feature of sight that is best appreciated in and around oceans, seas and their coasts. You guessed it - colors! The purples, yellows, reds, whites, blues, browns, pinks, turquoises, greens and tans of the reefs, the plant life, the fish, the sunsets; the contrast of white clouds over a blue sky as the back drop for bright green palm leaves and the light blue sky stopping at the horizon line where the dark blue water begins, eventually fading to clear turquoise or white foam as the water meets the tan or white sand. These vibrant blends of bright, pastel, neutral and neon colors are the inspiration behind COLORS by Clay & Chloe. 

Whether you own beachfront property, live in a shack on the sand or just traveled to distant shores on vacation, you can pick a COLORS by Clay & Chloe piece that represents your love and respect for the beautiful coast lines around the world! 

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