Clay bounced back and forth between Chicago and Southern California as a child and teenager. Chloe moved from the Philippines to Chicago at age 9. Fast forward some years... Clay met Chloe, they fell in love, in less than five months they were married and shortly after that, they gave birth to a stylish baby jewelry brand named Clay & Chloe. The design duo handcraft each piece together from their studio in Chicago.


Their multicultural upbringing gave them a deep appreciation for fast paced city life and the laid back attitude of coastal living. Each Clay & Chloe piece is inspired by the casual Southern California lifestyle and the architecture and cultures of their home town, Chicago. Over the past 2 years, Clay & Chloe have turned their vision into a fun and timeless multi-category lifestyle label that is sought after across the globe by fashionable women and men alike. Handcrafted using sterling silver, 14K gold and exotic handpicked natural stones, these quality elements give life to the signature Clay & Chloe style.

It’s hard to ignore the purples, reds, whites, blues, tans, browns, pinks, turquoises, greens and yellows that seem to explode in perfect unison in cities and beaches around the world! The reef’s colorful fish and plant life. Clear skies, sunsets, palm trees, the ocean and the sand of the beach. Flashing lights, energetic vibes of interesting neighborhoods and the colorfully diverse clothing and people of various cultures that make up a city. These vibrant blends of bright, pastel, warm, cool, neutral and neon colors fuel the inspiration behind the COLORS by Clay & Chloe Collection. WWW.COLORSRINGS.COM